Customer references

Brand building through corporate, launch and product communications is versatile and long-term work. Learn below about our philosophy.

terveys ja hyvinvointi Sabora Pharma

Health: Case Sabora Pharma

Creative communications gets to the core – and breaks taboos when needed. Read about the results of our collaboration with Sabora Pharma, a Finnish family company.

Corporate responsibility: taking responsibility communications and work to a new level

Our responsibility pathway helps you to reap a good harvest and sow seeds for the future. Akvamariini’s seven-step responsibility pathway will raise your company’s responsibility work to a new level.

Launch of consumer product: Case food brand Alpro

Creative planning and multi-channel effectiveness. Read how we built the Alpro brand, known for its plant-based products, over a period of almost ten years.

outdoor- ja sporttiviestintä

Outdoor and sports communications for brands

Experiences and expertise are the unbeatable duo of sports communications that builds commitment.

Environmental responsibility in the food sector

Responsible actions in business are good for the environment and also for the corporate and brand image.

Koti ja vapaa-aika: Caset Jysk, HP ja Haikon Kartano

Home and leisure: Cases Jysk, HP and Haikko Manor

Communications that bring results are founded on creative uniqueness. Read how we helped the product launches of Jysk, HP and Haikko Manor to stand out from the crowd.

Kuluttajapalvelu brändiä rakentamassa

Consumer support builds your brand – a good process ensures satisfied customers

Our customers are leading brands in the Finnish food industry and their numbers are increasing. By outsourcing consumer service, you release valuable working time for other uses and it also becomes an effective part of your brand.

Coaching and projects

viestintäsuunnitelma fruit juice matters

International campaigns: Case Fruit Juice Matters — crushing myths about 100% fruit juice

Responsible actions in business are good for the environment and also for the corporate and brand image.


Crisis communications and coaching

Fine-tuning strategic perspectives leads to reliable operations and ensures a coherent profile.

Information and events for the media

toimialojen PR-tapahtumat YouSport for Media Tammikuu 2021 SS2021

YouSport – news for the sports trade

YouSport is professional media for the sports retail trade published by Akvamariini that compiles news, in-depth articles and a discussion forum.

Food for Media tapahtuma

Events: Case Food for Media

Food for Media is the main Finnish commercial food industry media event. Akvamariini has organised the event for over ten years.