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Guaranteed standards in consumer service

In the food industry consumer service is not only essential, it is also a service provided to consumers and a form of brand building. Small, large and unusual enquiries all require a wide range of expertise.

When you outsource your consumer service to Akvamariini, you gain many years of comprehensive experience and knowledge of the Finnish and international food sector, product and nutrition expertise and communications – and when needed, also crisis communications – that is tailored for your brand.

We are also familiar with all feedback channels, including social media.

We deal with all kinds of subjects, from product defects to climate change, questions about distribution channels and consumers’ personal concerns, every day. We know how to manage the discussion in all kinds of subjects.


A solid process builds the brand

Our customers are well-known food sector brands, both from Finland and from abroad.

Challenges are recurring in all companies, but it does not make them any easier to resolve: dependability, a methodical approach, speed, resourcing, management and implementation of consumer service is often difficult to fit in with the other tasks of a company.

Akvamariini can provide your company with a tailor-made consumer service process and implement and manage it. The everyday burden is off your shoulders and you do not have to worry about resources to meet sudden peaks in demand or finding substitutes for holidays and vacations.

We will manage the service cost-efficiently and transparently with a cloud-based system from ticketing to reporting or using your company’s own systems. We will also take care of consumer compensation.

Consumer service outsourced to Akvamariini is always in good professional hands. We can demonstrably turn even the most challenging cases into something that will strengthen your brand. Our customers will also be immediately informed of any one-off or trending feedback that is material to business operations. And we only invoice actual hours worked.

Watch our video to learn more about our outsourced consumer service:

Outsourced consumer service will let you focus on other things

Our customers are leading brands in the Finnish food industry and their numbers are increasing. By outsourcing consumer service, you release valuable working time for other uses and it also becomes an effective part of your brand.

”Akvamariini has managed our consumer service perfectly for almost five years. We particularly appreciate the fact that they are experts in the food industry and understand our brand. Everyday life is easier as we know that our customer interface is being managed expertly and competently.”

Riikka Haarasilta-Suutarinen, Marketing Manager, Pågen


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