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Outdoor and sports communications – when having the right contacts matters

Akvamariini has many years of experience in the successful building and growing of sports and wellbeing brands through communications. Outdoor and sports communications are founded on the right contacts and professional relations management.


Challenges are a positive

Wellbeing trends play an increasing role in consumers’ daily lives, and sports and outdoor brands are becoming increasingly popular. The same trend also applies to the work of the professionals in the sector. Media and social media influencers are also increasingly interested in comprehensive wellbeing, exercise – where professionals play an increasing role – and testing your limits.

In fact, achieving a unique position, separate from all the other brands, is critical because it enables the brand to highlight its strengths and look genuine in the eyes of its target groups.

Akvamariini’s many years of experience with the top brands in sports and wellbeing have provided it with a strong vision about how to build the communications and profiling of different brands.


Our solutions for outdoor and sports communications are based on our solid industry expertise

It has been proven that strategic cooperation with Akvamariini, with our in-depth understanding of the sector, brings results time after time. Effective communications are built around a brand’s unique sales arguments, and on the broader significance and existence of the company.

International brands also require strong local expertise, even if the brand guidelines cover several markets; this also serves stakeholders’ and partners’, including the media, influencers, athletes and sports associations, interests in the best way. There is great strength in strategic relations and synergy.

In outdoor and sports communications, details and stories are the key elements. You must communicate technical characteristics accurately and in detail; for instance, when you communicate about textiles, you must have solid grasp of the field. With our in-depth expertise in the sector, competence in sports communications and unique communications solutions we can sharpen the core messages of the brand and create phenomena and meaning that match the spirit of the times and attract the interest of the target groups.


Results say everything

In the transformation of the media and the world of social media influencers, the right relationships and inspiring and unique messages are what build a brand’s story in the long term.

Stimulating messages in influencer communities, in exciting events or in media mentions provide our customers with excellent results year after year. As an example, last year, we used precisely targeted outdoor and sports communications to successfully double our well-known customer’s earned media value yet again; we have experience in creating new wellbeing phenomena and raising brands to the forefront of consumer demand on the Finnish market.


YouSport – professional media for the sports trade

YouSport, published by Akvamariini, is the only professional media in the Finnish sports trade.

Twice every year, YouSport also organises the YouSport for Media hybrid event, which is a media and influencer event for the sports trade.