Launching consumer products – build your brand and kick start sales

Over eight years, Akvamariini built the brand of Alpro, an international company known for its plant-based product, and at same time built a plant-based milk product category for the Finnish market. The launch of the consumer product was quick, and initially the products were bought by a small and devoted customer base, and no-one could even dream of today’s booming demand for plant-based milk.

The challenge was to become popular among the general audience with plant-based products in a country that leads the world in the consumption of traditional milk products. Systematic brand communications were based on solid research, creative ideas and new points of view. Carefully selected, relevant and even surprising brand ambassadors, creating a strong Alpro community and versatile media communications brought results.


Pulling together with the customer – multi-channel effectiveness through a creative plan

Successful communications and the successful launch of a consumer product were based on excellent and also open-minded cooperation. Mutual trust between the agency, importer and manufacturer made it possible to carry out various experiments, use new channels and implement extensive strategic plans. We enrolled a top skier and a wild-herb chef as brand ambassadors, who attracted attention and consumer interest.

As social media gained popularity and influence, the target groups found a new way to consume content and a channel for their voice. There was obviously considerable potential in this community for strengthening the consumer relationship.

Social media also created an impact that was beyond all expectations: when a favourite product was withdrawn from the market, users quickly expressed their disappointment on Facebook. With Akvamariini’s encouragement, the product was brought back with an impressive sales promotion campaign. The reaction was jubilant: after all, the community had been able to directly influence an international company!


Facts and awareness of environmental issues help increase demand

General concern for the environment gradually became stronger. Communicating environmental awareness through visual means was also relevant, and we helped both the media and consumers to understand the benefits of plant-based products.

In fact, media relations were critical to increasing brand awareness and demand. The right contacts, targeted actions and branded samples enhanced visibility in the long term. There was interest in the fact-based distribution of information on the health effects of plant-based foods and it prompted good debate among journalists and influencers.

Alpro’s sales and brand development results were excellent.