Koti ja vapaa-aika: Caset Jysk, HP ja Haikon Kartano

Home and leisure – product launches add new dimensions

People shape the world around them to suit their preferences. Some of us like beauty, others are inspired by practical benefits – our homes and the way we spend our free time reflect us as individuals. We have our own style and taste that match our personalities – from piercings to cabins in the wilderness, from choosing sustainable ways to travel to charity, and from trying something just once to favourites we keep returning to.


How to stand out from the competition in home and leisure products and services?

Communications related to home and leisure products and services is often based on the seasons. Different topics interest people in different seasons of the year: in summer, we want to protect ourselves against the sun and in the winter, we pine for it.

The seasons have a huge influence on consumer choices and hence on the planning and focusing of communications. Competition for consumers’ attention is increasingly fierce as new innovative products join the battle for market share. This poses a challenge to brands and their stories: how to achieve a unique market position and differentiate yourself from others?


The solution? Your own story and distinctive communications

A clear brand identity is always the foundation. Who do we want to speak to and with what tone of voice? After all, consumers know what they want – or that is what they typically believe. The diversity of channels and the potential provided by technology help us to engage with this public, washed away in a sea of individuality, provided that the story is sufficiently interesting and meaningful for the target group.

In the home and leisure categories, good results often come from concepts and contents that appeal to our desire for meaning and our emotions. When a brand is connected with the warm emotions associated with family and friends, the freedom of carefree summer days, dreams about the perfect home, or effortless or even effective daily life, it is possible to create memories that stay with the target group.

The solution is founded on your own, strong story and a clear core message. Success in brand building requires careful planning and considered implementation. Below are a few example cases.

When JYSK launched its summer product catalogue, we took journalists and influencers who focus on interior design to a restaurant by the sea and built a hot summer day on the sea ice. We gave them something they were not expecting in the middle of winter. We enhanced the impact with carefully considered messages, both to interior design professionals and from the perspective of corporate communications. We brainstormed, contacted people and served – with excellent results.

When HP launched new multi-purpose home printers, the main goal was to inspire the target group by showing them what the printers are capable of. Participants in the media and influencer event were given the opportunity to create and print out Christmas decorations, cards and props for children’s parties. They were also able print photos of their loved ones directly from their smartphones. A new profile was created for product launches in the consumer technology sector. The visibility we achieved among family bloggers and crafts magazines was huge.

When Haikko Manor wanted to attract more visitors in the post-Christmas period, we collaborated to create a new food product. The brand building for a bus full of media representatives, already started on the way to Haikko, helped along with some French bubbly. At Haikko, we offered experiences for all the senses and information on the exciting menu, luxurious accommodation and cryotherapy to relaxing spa treatments.

A great brand, carefully designed content and a great group of people ensured excellent visibility!


Clear and concrete results

Long-term cooperation with home and leisure brands brings results in many areas:

  • immediate visibility often increases sales instantly and, depending on the case, you can create a phenomenon that makes a specific product or the entire stock quickly sell out (such as e-bikes and textiles).
  • The results that can be achieved through collaborative engagement with influencers are excellent (in health products, for example).
  • When the earned visibility is gained in 60 different media and channels, you can talk about a true phenomenon (in sports and wellbeing products, for example).