Food for Media tapahtuma

Food for Media: experiences make an impact

Food for Media is the main Finnish commercial food industry media event. Akvamariini has organised the event for ten years. In 2021, Food for Media become a virtual event and will be an effective hybrid example of communications expertise.

The event is built on strong expertise on the needs and viewpoints of the media and food industry target companies and based on the methods of event marketing. A turnkey event, Food for Media serves journalists searching for new information, trends and more in-depth knowledge of companies and food and drinks industry companies looking to boost the marketing of their new products.

Each year for the past ten years, some 100 journalists, influencers and nutrition experts have attended Akvamariini’s concept event. Both target groups feel that their strategic relationships improve at the event.


Brand building and product samples are core challenges

The food industry is driven by novelty. One of the positive challenges is that food, drink and nutrition have become megatrends, just like well-being.

  • There is great interest in new products and food innovation, but at the same time consumers and B2B stakeholders have become more demanding:
  • How do trends affect me or our customer base?
  • Is the company responsible?
  • Why should consumers buy this particular product?
  • How do I want to eat in my everyday life?
  • How do these choices affect my health?
  • What do I enjoy the most?


The industry responds to challenges as best as it can within the realities of the business. What to launch, when and in which channel; how to create a snowball effect; how to support a long-term basic brand and product?

How can we make distribution channels understand the benefits of our business model and the depth and reliability of our expertise? Would this product also work in the hotel, restaurant and catering sector? The questions asked are always comprehensive – at least when plans are well-made.


Events are powerful communicators

In order for the message to be interesting, even complicated things must be made to look simple. This is where event marketing can help. Since 2021, we have been creating events based on a hybrid model.

Events are the perfect way to create the desired image of a brand for the media, influencers, experts, people in charge of distribution channels and other opinion leaders. In addition to brand building, strengthening strategic relations at meetings is a significant benefit for the company.

Event planning is naturally timed at a stage in communications where all marketing communications should be targeted in a particularly coordinated manner and, of course, using a carefully considered multichannel approach.


Result/out – shows

Planning and executing a successful event is a process that requires solid expertise, in which the various aspects of the brand’s marketing communications are combined on a broad basis. If the planner does not have a profound understanding of the challenges, goals and interests of the target groups – i.e. the different expert groups – the event will not be successful, no matter how good it looks.

When seeking business benefits from expert events in the short and long term, content, focus, industry expertise and strategic relationships are key factors.

For over ten years, Akvamariini has organised several events each year for the media and opinion leaders based on its own concept. Every year, Food for Media, Akvamariini Open House and Akvamariini Influencer have attracted hundreds of visitors and dozens of brands, with consumers as the ultimate target group of communications.

Since 2021, our hybrid events have been called Food for Media and YouSport for Media (new outdoor and sports brand products).

In addition to our own expertise in planning and executing events, we have dozens and dozens of brand events, where journalists and influencers gain experiences that range from cooking the perfect pasta to three-course dinners, from sailing to barefoot running, and from visiting factory production lines to wellness-boosting cryotherapy.

In the food sector in particular, we have also organised successful expert seminars and panels, where the ultimate target groups have also been experts, such as health and nutrition professionals and politicians involved in these fields.

The visibility that our events provide for our customers is calculated in the millions even on an annual basis.