Challenges: corporate environmental responsibility and a good future

In our changing world, trends come and go and companies must keep up with them – preferably staying one step ahead, if they can. In the food sector, you must meet consumer demand with rapidly developing products and packaging while taking environmental responsibility into account.

Sustainability has been a leading trend for a long time and, the news on climate change in recent years has prompted many companies to take the trend to heart, engaging with sustainability issues through innovation and everyday actions.


Environmentally friendly solutions support brand building

The food industry has created innovations that promote a more sustainable future through minimising waste to plastic-free packaging and plant-based foods. Climate-friendly innovations are critical for the planet, but they are also a great opportunity for companies to increase and improve their own environmental sustainability strategies and thus their competitiveness.

Communications play a key role in this work. With carefully planned, consistent and effectively promoted messages a company can help consumers to find their products, that is, to make better choices in everyday life. At the same time, it is also possible to gain marketing benefit from responsible actions or promote the company’s internationalisation.

Here are some examples of customer perspectives that we have communicated:

  • recyclable packaging / no packaging
  • minimising food waste
  • vegetarian food
  • local production


The results are reflected in cash

With our solid industry expertise and creative planning, we develop phenomena that are meaningful to wide consumer audiences. Strong strategic brand building with solid execution supports the core business objective of increasing sales and cash flow. Served up with the right approach, food and drink are always interesting.