Crisis communications is part of core corporate communications

Crisis communications and the related plans also involve proactive corporate communications and ensuring that communications capabilities are up to date.

When a customer asks for immediate assistance, we give them immediate assistance. We put together a team and take stock of the situation:

What has happened? What is being asked and who is asking? What are the client’s capabilities, what information is needed? Does the customer have a clear crisis communications plan and process, or do they need to be specified or even created ad hoc? Are the right people available?

Crisis communications is a matter of definition: often it is more about anticipating crises and, above all, avoiding them.

On the other hand, it is often about being in the thick of it: our customers have been asked to participate in an interview for an investigative television programme, or the media, or an activist organisation is asking detailed questions about the source of a raw material or conditions at a production facility. The client may have experienced a process error that has led to a court case. The customer’s problem may be related to an environmental or information security matter, which may also have a domestic or international political dimension. The problem may also have been caused by actions taken by a competitor. In social media, a crisis can arise if a customer has discontinued a popular product. Sometimes personal injury may be involved.

Akvamariini has many years of experience in crisis communications in its focus areas: the food and health and leisure sectors, and in many others, as well.


Our crisis communications solutions

We define the best procedures, how to engage various stakeholders and external and internal communications on a case-by-case basis. In anticipating and managing crises, good mutual understanding and trust, and often industry expertise, are critical.

On the other hand, we have successfully solved challenges faced by new customers by combining the customer’s technical expertise with Akvamariini’s extensive experience.


Excellent results in crisis communications, without exception

You cannot turn the clock back but you can usually steer events towards outcomes that may initially be difficult to anticipate.

In practice, competent crisis and other challenging corporate communications can always achieve results that are positive for the brand, either proactively or over the longer term.