Responsibility communications create transparency and results for business operations

Challenge: Communicating about responsibility often feels difficult

Most Finns feel it is important for a company to be able to demonstrate that it is responsible. It is also worth noting that 87 per cent of Finns consider the responsibility of a company’s operations to be a key factor when choosing products and services. Responsibility communications matter, which is why there is so much room for improvement. After all, less than 50 per cent of Finns feel that businesses are successfully communicating the responsibility of their actions and their impact, and just 6 per cent feel that companies are doing this very well.*)


Our solution: A tailored responsibility pathway is easy to follow towards corporate responsibility

We promote the growth of our customers’ meaningful business with systematic and transparent responsibility communications. In reality, many companies are very responsible at various levels, but they may not know how to tell others about this. This means that there is a pressing need for planning and that responsibility has not been identified as a key strategic factor in the business.

In order to make effective progress in responsibility work, it is first necessary to create an overall picture with goals and opportunities. Akvamariini’s seven-step responsibility pathway is a tool that we use to take your company’s responsibility work to a new level. At the different stages of the pathway, we offer the right strategic tools that support the achievement of your goals. We progress from analysing the existing situation to implementing solutions in practice in a way that fits your company’s processes. We will help you to communicate the good work you are doing through both external and internal communications.


Result: Clear elements and business benefits

Meaningful responsibility communications are a natural part of brand-building corporate communications, and at Akvamariini we have many years of experience of this.

High-quality responsibility communications will increase the value of your company. Our highly professional team can provide help in many aspects:

  • Responsibility communications
    • Tailoring a responsibility pathway for your company
  • Developing responsibility work
    • Environmental responsibility
    • Financial responsibility
    • Social responsibility


By systematically following the pathway, the company’s responsibility communications and work will become a relevant and profitable part of its business strategy and management.

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*) Association for Finnish Work